The SBGrid Science Portal launched in 2010 PMID 21098306. Since that time, there have been improvements in many areas. Accessibility of computational resources has been enhanced by advances in cloud computing, HPC accessibility (ex OSG Connect); as well as dramatic performance improvements in CPU performance and increasing adoption of GPGPU computation. Crystallographic methods have improved (ex CCP4Cloud PMID 36048148, SIMBAD PMID 29968670, MrBUMP PMID 29533225 ); ab-initio structure prediction has undergone a revolution in utility for structural biology with the advent of AlphaFold2 PMID 34265844, RosettaFold PMID 34282049, CollabFold PMID 35637307. As such, after over 600 WSMR jobs, over 500 DEN jobs, and many millions of CPU hours, the SBGrid Science Portal is being retired. We would like to thank the Open Science Grid for their support, both human and computational.